The Remote Hump

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For several enchanting years, we have lived in the rain forest at the 2,000’ elevation, on a spectacular 17 acres farm. A Jurassic park kind of place, with avocados, lemons and of course caffeine beans, wildflowers and huge ancient trees.
Our rain fall last year hit 96.5”, that’s 8 feet, the height of a normal ceiling! Yep that’s a lot of rain on an old metal roof, it’s the coolest ever when it dumps really hard, an inch to two an hour. Don’t try calling Mom you can’t hear a thing.
We crank the TV up to the max to hear and then suddenly the rain stops, leaving the TV screaming, prompting diving for remotes. We use marital aids (headsets) now.
It’s a beautiful thing living in a Hawaiian rain forest. Happy Hump Day!


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