About David

David’s first experience with photography goes back to meeting Anselm Adams on a school trip to Yosemite National Park. He got an instamatic camera and started shooting. Landscape photography and photojournalism became his passion while traveling through Africa, Europe, Mexico and Central America.

Since 1983 David has called the Big Island of Hawaii home. His photography career started with volunteer work first with the American Cancer Society, Heart Association, Super Kids and Special Olympics.  He became the staff photographer for Harry Lyon’s Kona Coast Magazine.

In between marathons & triathlons (Official Ironman Photographer 1994-95) – weddings & family portrait photography became his passion working with thousands of couples and families to date at all resorts.

“I have a passion for capturing the beauty of Hawaii in photographs. I love creating memories that will be shared with your friends for generations to come. My enthusiasm is contagious, and I promise you will walk away with big smiles on your faces. If you are looking for a fun, unique experience for EVERYONE you found the perfect photographer and guide.”

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Uncle Beach teaching photography

Birgit (David’s wife) was a speech therapist and still is a city girl (from Austria) that gets excited about airports, subways, museums, and putting “real clothes” on. A mutual friend introduced them literally “at the curb of the Kona Airport”. They are married since 2007. Birgit learned everything about the photography business and technology from David.  She loves “to do lists”, empty inboxes and apps that organize everything. Therefore she is in charge of the office management, photo editing and technical support for their clients.


Elvis joined the family in 2010, a “poi dog” (mixed breed) from the pound. It turned out that Elvis loves chasing after mongoose, turkeys, goats and wild pigs (he is now retired – hunting on leash only). Besides car rides and swimming in tide pools Elvis dresses up on Halloween and visits clients at the resorts. Currently Elvis is not available to join photo sessions since his  “passion” for other animals is too strong.


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