Musk Hump Day



This is not meant to be funny or sarcastic though it might be. So, when I suggest we ask Elon Musk to come and lay pipe from LA to Maui, Hawaii I’m serious. It wouldn’t be too difficult for him, I mean really, he makes rockets man.
Can you image traveling to Hawaii in 2 hours, providing you don’t stop at an underwater glass restaurant aquarium? “I’ll have the fresh fish please…awe that one”. We could have an underwater marine campus with housing. How fun to watch the submarine races.
Who wants to get on a packed plane with a hacking sneezer or sticky-fingered kids running up and down the aisle? No jet fuel, no delayed flights, no lost luggage, no weirdos next to you and No sharing an uncleaned toilet. All magnet and solar powered with no pollution.
Sounds too crazy good right? Science fiction like, Yeah, I know but so was the computer and the Mai Tai.
To get it started we could put all the out of work photographers, DJ’s and wedding planners on snorkels and shovels. A second shift of fire dancers, caterers, bakers, musicians and videographers.
Then a third shift of pastors, officiants, dress and lei makers. Why not? There is no other work (jobs) for these fine folks for the next 5 years at best.
It’s no joke, drastic measures are needed now, so let’s get creative Hawaii.


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