Mana Hump

Some call the Big Island the Healing Island because of its vibe. It’s called Mana, loosely translated to “spiritual energy of power”. Hawaiians did not have a written language so the haoles (not native Hawaiian) wrote one for them using only 13 English letters. A sign of what was to come of the Hawaiian race.
Mana is everywhere if you know how to look. It’s in the waves, waterfalls, lava and the beach you sit on. If you stop and listen it can be in your thoughts. If you feel the Mana, it can lead you on your journey.
The Hawaiian word Kokua has the most importance to me now. Kokua is to step up and help those less fortunate in a sacrificial way. To do for others in need without any wish of acknowledgement (love). Hawaiians will share their last meal with you, they have a generosity that doesn’t translate in English, not enough letters.
We have been blessed at our Hale, (Hawaiian for Home).
Happy Hump Day


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