Leap of faith – Throwback Hump Day

cliff jumping bride no wm-1-2.jpg

These shots took about 60 minutes to set up with multiple cameras. The tide was low for this “leap of faith” (her first) with boulders just below the surface – just like marriage. The bright Kona sun was coming up fast behind our model stunning model Tasha Deleski, causing an unwelcome lens flare. So I had to get low on the opposite cliff face to shield my lens.
    I knew I only had moments to beat the sun and climb down the rugged lava outcropping, set uptake tripod and take a breath and start the count down 3-2-1-go!  We had to get it right the first time, with the light on her face and she had to look in control, as compared to screaming in panic with a wedding dress wrapped around her neck. 
   The hair, the make up, the dress, the light all had to be perfect: You only get one try, but I knew my Canon cameras could handle 12 frames a second so what could go wrong?  Well some unwelcomed volunteer yelled “GO” before I was set and ready….. As you can see.           I expertly pulled it off as got lucky.
Happy Hump Day!
The Baldwins



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