Ironman – from the past – Throwback Hump Day


   This would have been Ironman week in Kona, so check out a few from up above and behind the lines.
If you look close you may see Rick & Dick Hoyt, Greg & Sian Welch and (the FRIDGE) William Perry.
Check out the intensity in the photographers running down the finish shoot with the Iron Gents as they pull out a pre-midnight finish; a 22 hour photo shift.
Of all the sports I have covered, I have never seen nor felt anything like the Ironman finish line right before & after midnight, to witness the singing of “Aloha ‘Oe” is just “knock me down – warm & fuzzy”  good all over good!

Nothing can match this place for Mauna Kea sized goose bumps (chicken skin), it just makes you glad to be alive to witness it.

Happy Aloha Hump Day.


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