Itchy Hump

I am an itch expert. I get it. As a young lad of 3, I was given the special task of putting my very skinny arm down the stinky cast surrounding my father’s body. Famous briefly, I was his only relief.
    A bucking Brahman bull broke his back while performing as a rodeo clown (Bull fighter), he had surgery leaving a big long incision down his back that itched him like crazy under the plaster.
    Elvis had a broken knee (CCL), so when he tries to lick his 23 itchy metal staples, I get it. But to heal he needs to act cool and keep that 10” tongue away from the itch, so it doesn’t get infected.
 Yes, we could put a cone on Elvis, but he freezes and will stand in the same spot with a 1,000 yard stare for hours. So the cure is T-shirts and 24 hour observation. Yes we are spent but anxious for the next 6 weeks of therapy and training to get Elvis back to running again, so stay tuned.
     Mahalo for the logo shirts from the NAU football family, Ironman, Lavaman, Special Olympics, Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, UPR (Underpants Run)…. all are represented well.

Happy Hump Day

At this writing Elvis has just had stitches removed and has an infection. On meds and rest.

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