Happy Harry Hump Day

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It’s a Happy Harry Hump day.

30 years ago Harry Lyons publisher & writer of Kona Coast magazine hired me to shoot his “girl of the month” piece, 4-5 pages of a beautiful girl in a bikini at the beach, and I got paid to do it. I was receiving letters and photos from mothers asking to shoot their daughters.
Harry handpicked the beauties from Kona’s many pubs & businesses he wrote about and drew cartoons of for the mag. It was dream comes true for me, sadly it only lasted 4 months, dear Harry passed away and the magazine went with him, but I carried on.

It was the start of 30 years of professional photography. It’s never been easy, not always pretty, but passion kept me focused and knowing it was the only profession for me at the time.
More than a million photos later I am very happy with how it’s developed so far; what do you think?


The Baldwins



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