Warm and Fuzzy Hump Day


Here on the farm Elvis takes shelter in place seriously. He deeply misses his coastal hikes, but it’s stay at home time now.

Elvis is perfecting his walks on the farm with multiple trips around the big banyan tree, sniffing the coffee plants and fresh lemon blossoms as he wanders through the high grass and wild flowers.
When he takes his Mom out for a walk on the property he picks where he wants to go or not go. When he takes his Dad out, he picks a completely different route than the one he had with Mom. If Dad tries to take Moms path he refuses to go, freezes. That’s theirs, I guess. He’s funny that way.

Once an aloof dog, Elvis is now glued to our every move.  As I’m writing this he’s asleep on my foot, it’s the warmest fussiest feeling ever as he snores the sweetest Blues you’ve ever heard. I’ll take this for right now.

Happy Warm & Fuzzy Hump day


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