Two knees Hump Day

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Elvis was a real trooper throughout his healing process (ACL), including itchy stitches. “No Cone” was our Mantra. He got out of shape and put on a few pounds, as did I, he was lucky to have his Mom (Birgit) carry him each night up the stairs for almost 4 months.
As she carried all 63 pounds of Fat Elvis he would hang his head over her shoulder so he could give me that dog look of “ha ha sucker”!

We started with no walks for weeks then short walks, some days he wouldn’t go too far, then wouldn’t go at all. The next day would be good, that gave us hope, then he would pick it up in the morning, limp by limp, stride by stride.

His head was high and his paws were sure as we walked a mile and a half on the black lava cliffs of Keauhou Hawaii today. We went slow, no sniff was ignored. The dolphins and parrots greeted us as old friends do, it was a great day to be a dog.
When we got to his favorite tide pool he slowly waded to the other side, got out, had a big wet shake and a smile as to say “all legs working Dad”.  A happy happy dog and owner are we.
100% Satisfied Keauhou Vet: Dr. Jacob Head

Happy Hump Day!

P.S. Elvis is still on a leash to prevent any goat and mongoose hunting. Photoshop makes it look nicer without:)


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