Tux hump



Aloha Hump Day!

A wedding photographer and a bull rider only get 8 seconds to win your approval.

Few men like posing for the camera, some not at all included me and getting everyone off their iphones for 8 seconds can be challenging for some.

So before I take a shot, I need to be accepted… fast, by young & old….. so I break into conversation with “Aloha I’m David O. your photographer … you guys look great, hey have you guys found the finger holes in the tuxedo pants yet?”

“What are you talking about? You nuts?” I tell um yes but start digging anyway. True tuxedo pants have little holes up at the top so you can “adjust yourself ” to tuck in your shirt so you look sharp for my photos.

It’s a moment I never tire of, we all get big laughs and I’m instantly in, now to the ladies.

Happy humping.

The Baldwins

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