A quick hump

uber taxi

Aloha Hump Day,

While in San Francisco I caught this fleeting moment thru the uber taxis window. I’m always looking for a shot that makes us think.
Being from a small town of Kona with 2 lanes of traffic, I asked our driver for an authentic city taxi experience. James with a nod and snicker honored my request.
We were off like bank robbers launching through city traffic lights, changing lanes with a 6th sense… bending around busses and cable cars, missing by inches honking, honking at everyone in our way, throwing us from side to side and me with the biggest all white grin plastered on my face.
It was the most exciting time I have ever had in the back seat of a moving car. His tip was worth every one of those $20s from my trembling hands.
Thanks James.


Hope you enjoyed the hump.

The Baldwins

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