Restful Hump Day

elvis paws fs-2.jpg

Two paws forward one paw back, that’s what life is like after Elvis’s big knee operation. This has been a 28 month project to put our boy back to his rock and roll best with not one but two expertly reconstructed knees. So when we lose a bit of ground for a couple days it’s no big deal, well it is to Elvis, he gets depressed we get depressed cuz he is depressed, it’s depressing to say to say the least.
The boy wants to get out, roll in the grass while chasing mongooses and butterflies. I swear he could run a mile with just his front legs without looking back.
We knew what to expect just didn’t expect it. Boy oh boy has it been challenging: allergy and weight control diet, meds, times, checking the wound day and night, his care has been constant and top notch.
As of today he has decreased meds, is being treated for an infection and he has a slight limp. His winter coat is starting to cover his incredibly cool scar quite nicely. We continue to “rest” as prescribed by our wonderful vet.
Still no fun business,….just outside to do his business.

Thanks folks.

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