Pua’a – The Boar

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Pua’a – The Boar

Todays Humps are of a visiting Pua’a Ohana (Wild Boar family); first arrived in Hawaii in 1778 by Capt. James Cook. Loved by competing Top Chefs for their sweet & tender meat, perfect for a luau (party), cooked Imu style, underground with hot stones and wrapped in banana leaves. “The original microwave”. I have never figured out how they know when it is done but it’s always perfect, “Ono delicious”.
Contrastingly these pigs are very distructive to the endangered spiecis of the Hawaiian rain forest. Hated for what they do to the Aina (land) but loved for the hunt of food by brave Hawaiians who chase them down on foot using only dogs and a knife for the end.
This young mother and babies just waltzed into our yard for a “little mango time”, spending a lazy afternoon gorging on dropped fruit under our mango tree.
 Hound dog Elvis has learned not to chase them …Smart Elvis.

Hope you enjoyed Da Hump Day story. If so please pass it on.

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