Pride in our photography

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Pride in Photography
These images are of the last finishers at one of the worlds greatest races, the Lavaman Triathlon Waikoloa on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is absolutely the most beautiful place to have a race, finishing between coconut trees on the beach at Anaeho’omalu Bay.
When asked why I put so much intensity into my photography, I quickly share this heart felt email from the best friend of a Team in Training triathlete and about our photography and its meaning to her.
Everyone on the Hawaiiphotoman photo crew reads this before we go out to shoot. I am forever grateful for the extreme pride our crew takes in producing the best images possible for our athletes.
Because of this no matter how long we are out there, cut off time or not, I am always on the finish line to greet the last finisher in honor of Julie on a long day.
This photo (not Julie) is of a last finisher in the 2011 Lavaman Triathlon Waikoloa.
I’m sure Julie would say “Ride on”!

The Baldwins


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