Pololu Valley – Hump Day Photo Story

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Aloha Hump Day,

Hawaii is often thought of sitting with a Mai Tai on a sandy beach under palm trees, “Which are really coconut trees by the way”.

These images show a seldom seen vista, due to the fact it’s private land. These three images were all taken from the same location with two different lenses on one roll.

You can make out Pololū beach far away in the wide shot, the zooms are as shot without computer enhancement or cropping. They are showing how isolated and rugged it is on the north side of the Big Island. The winds are the driving force on this Eden sculpting the ancient lava Pali (cliffs) at will.

Hope you enjoyed our hump photos.

Happy Aloha Hump Day.

The Baldwins 

David O. Baldwin Photography

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