Pohaku Pa’ Akai

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Kitchen with a view Pohaku Pa’Akai

A kitchen with a view, can you imagine Top Chef or the Food Channel having a cooking challenge here?
Generations ago Hawaiian Ohanas (families) prepared their meals from hunting & gathering. These holes are called Pohaku Pa’Akai; bowls carved by hand in the lava from one stone to another, pounding and grinding, generation after generation. Just think they did this without metal, just rock on rock.
Being very Akamai (knowledgable) of the oceans tides & big waves, the Hawaiians carefully planned and prepared the Pohaku Pa’Akai to collect sea salt. Protecting them from contamination or theft, until they evaporated leaving small amounts of the valuable commodity.
Think about that the next time you say “pass the salt”.

Make it a great Hump Day.

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