Pawsome Hump Day

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elvis knee surgery-10.jpg

Everything Elvis, one week post surgery update.
Each day starts and stops the same. What does the King need, want or not want?

Day 7. Elvis got his pain patch off and is more alert and active.
He is walking on all fours outside to do his business and used his new knee to lift for a pee. Huge success! He is favoring and has a slight limp but he would bolt after a mongoose with a smile if we would let him. He cruises up his handicap ramps like a Vegas show girl, stopping halfway down at promptly 9PM to be lifted to bed for the night by Birgit only.
He has a great appetite, but gas gas gas gas! Oh boy what gas he has. One day he scared himself awake it was so loud.
His staples look good, they come out in another week. No no no no licking please! That’s our song. No lick no lick no no no! Kind of an angry reggae rap song.
We doggie parents are so grateful for the support by his followers. It’s soooo very encouraging and humbling.
Totally pawsome!
Happy Hound Hump Day!

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