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Today’s hump day photo comes on Friday because Friday is the hump day in between Christmas and New Year’s, which makes it the last hump day of the year.
These images are of a group of Hawaiian Opihi (limpets) holding on tight against the high surf on the Keauhou cliffs. Opihi translates: to stick to or hold on, to be strong willed. 
Their lives start out floating at sea without a shell until they find the rocks of the Big Island where they grow a dome for a home. Considered a delicacy and a must have at all Hawaiian celebrations, its shell was also prized as a tool, jewelry and currency.
To collect the elusive Opihi is not for the inexperienced, they feel you coming and suck on tight, no man is strong enough to pull these survivors from their lava rock foundations. It takes a strong hold, shear guts, a pointed knife and homemade custom footwear. Sadly each year we still lose many a father and sons to these shelled delights, making them “Hawaii’s Deadliest Catch”.

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou

Happy New Years
From the Baldwins
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