“Never forget” Hump Day

Veterans Day is once a year, one day on the calendar, for all the men and women who put their lives in harms way to serve our country 24 hours a day, everyday.
Grandy‘s pit helmet and billy club laid in the corner closet. Pops fought in Korea, Grandpa GG  was a MASH Doctor during WWII, he said the Tv show was incredibly accurate. Uncles and cousins went, currently a nephew, a U.S Navy Seal is again deployed. Many in my family have served. So I thought I would to.
For years I told my friends it was a car wreck that kept from enlisting but the stone-cold truth, which I never told anyone till now, why I was given a 4F.
I was standing in a line of guys (me in BOXERS) going station to station. Doctors where handing out shots, I hit the floor. Smelling salts got me back up, only to go down again and again. Not pretty.
Yep, it was my medical phobia which causes me to pass out real fast & hard. It can be triggered by anything medical, anything, even a TV show. I guess they figured the Vietnam War didn’t need David.

Thank you all for your service.   “Never forget”.

The Baldwins


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