Throwback Thursday: 2018 Lava News Hump

It is hard to believe it took Roseanne Barr to bump Madame Pele off the lead story of all major NEWS outlets with our “deadly lava fountaining over everyone’s heads”. No, you can’t see lava from our house 100 miles away.
A month of nonstop slanderous journalism has crushed our islands economy. The hotels are hurting, the restaurants and beaches are wide open, our small-town artist are all waiting for you.
It may be big news in your living room, but the uncertainty of these 2,000 evacuated souls is unmeasurable. These hardworking folks are suffering. Please open your hearts. THEY NEED OUR HELP.

The Big Island is over 4,000 square miles, the eruption site is less than 20 sq. miles. 98.8 % of the island is open for business.
Pahoa town is 6 miles from the eruption and it’s open for business with blue skies. But you didn’t hear much about that on the mainland news, did you?
If I was in charge, we the people of Hawai’i nei would have a class action lawsuit against these media moguls. These corporations continue to make huge profits off these suffering images that fire up your “boob tube” nightly. These “Anchormen” are poor actors at best.
These homeowners should be gifted Copy Right $ and paid. To raise funds, I would also get a large dump truck and put bleachers in the back charging $100 per butt, for Leilani Estates and Puna from these neighborhood tours. This is an indescribable drive up event that should be shared. As well as a teaching event for young and old.
The only good thing that came out of this flamboyant sensationalism, was I heard from all my long-lost cousins.
Please donate to these Island charity:  Pu’uhonua O Punaand Aloha Ilio Rescue.


(Some of the photos are from the previous flow).


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