Labor Day Hump

leica camera 1955 -1


Aloha Hump Day,

The Hammer taught me much about life, I made a humble living with it, taught me not to quit and it put me on a jet to Hawaii.
To set and drive a 16 penny nail in one full swing was a thing of beauty, like golf’s hole in one, but if you missed it instantly created the most intense pain imaginable to your bare thumb. You had to be completely focused.

The hammer led me to my true love of people and photography, the camera became my hammer trying to nail that perfect moment. Same work style, creative, work hard, take chances, give and teach but avoiding hammers.
I guess what they say is true…everything happens for a reason.
I know my photos will last longer than the buildings I built.

Happy Hump Day,

The Baldwins

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