Kitchen Hump

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Kitchen Hump – 97th of 100

In our Hale (home) there are only a few Kapus (rules).
No shoes in Hale. Old tradition from the Far East.
No Elvis (canine) in the kitchen. Old tradition from Baldwin Ohana (family).
As you can see Elvis indeed pushes it as far as he can. He doesn’t beg, but boy can he stare the treats right out of you.
Elvis knows exactly when it is time for US to make OUR dinner & lunch, he quietly positions himself in front of the kitchen doorway so you have to walk over or around him to get in or out, he wont move. He does it at the same two times every day, if we are busy on phone or computer or have company he will come in (same time) and just stare at you as if you don’t know the house is on fire.
This is how he trains us, with his beautiful sad eyes, eyes of a hungry friend in need of a lunch date.

Hope you enjoyed our Elvis Hump day,
The Baldwins


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