Jump Hump

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Woke up to Elvis’s snoring head across my feet. Usually it’s just the three of us but not this lazy Saturday. No, we had another occupant, quickly I noticed a south bound 5-inch centipede heading south on my chest. Instant panic…. frozen.
He wasn’t the big red kine but the fast kine, the purple kine. Quickly wife’s attention, “Scissors – Centipede. SCISSORS NOW!”  It’s an alarm Hawai’i knows well.
Birgit fly’s over the bed to the bathroom to retrieve the scissors as I try to locate the fast 100 something-legged bug in the layers of sheets and blankets above me.
Oh, I forgot to mention I threw out my back the night before and could hardly move. While trying to hold up the centipede on the blanket I slid out of bed.
We succeeded in finding the unwanted visitor, a must before ever returning to bed. Luckily none of us got bit because the pain is fast and furious for 12 hours and more. They can and do bite their victims multiple times. Pain equivalent to a red-hot fire poker burning into your bones. “I would rather swim with hungry tiger sharks than be bit by a centipede”. I know this to be true.
Elvis returned “All shook up” but unfazed by the episode.
  A Happy Hump Day!


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