Throwback Hump Day – Hurricane Iniki

It was September 11th, 1992 when Hurricane Iniki rolled past my Magic Sands Beach Condo.
At the crack of dawn I was ordered to evacuate, so I packed up my ground floor unit of everything I owned, mostly film boxes, lots! and I mean lots! of film boxes. As the sun came up I excitedly started shooting the huge roaring mountains of saltwater launching over our sea wall before I escaped up Mauka.
The Firefighters had run everyone out and were not amused with my “get the shot attitude”. So before we left I talked my neighbor Ron Moore into going out for one last look and he almost had his last look. Soaked to the bone he swore his cigarette stayed lit. He yells “Did you get it, did you get it, did you get the shot, David O.?” – “Yep it’s in the can.” We don’t say that anymore. It is a digital world.
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