Hurricane hump

stars fb-1Aloha Hump Day,

The Big Island of Hawaii was greeted this weekend with the uneasy rumbling of a 4.5 earthquake in the early morning preceding two powerful hurricanes storming down our necks. When the worry & winds finally passed a day later, we were blessed with an incredibly balmy (humid as hell) beautiful sunny Kona blue day with huge towering thunderheads stacked on the horizon like Easter Island’s stone carvings marching towards Maui lit by a massive supermoon. That night it poured and poured rain straight down like fire hoses from heaven…….tears of joy from God himself with his angles laughing their asses off as Robin Williams checks IN to heaven!

“EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! CAN SOMEONE GET my luggage….Boy do I have jet lag. Nano! Nano! ”

Aloha Hump Day, The Baldwins

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