Hump Special



Aloha Hump Day,

I guess all guys dream of being a fireman, hitting the winning run in the World Series or the last second diving catch that wins the Super Bowl. We guys want that feeling of being a hero.
So maybe I found a way to be a hero without a uniform and get emotionally as high as a kite all day, into the night and several days after…. and it is safe & free.
Just volunteer once for Special Olympics and you too will feel the warm fuzzy feeling, that chill that goes up the back of your neck and gives you chicken skin (goosebumps) all over.
It makes you smile so big it hurts for days and still won’t go away.
Try it, you’ll like it, but be careful it could be addictive if you like hugs.

This was the “Bus A Move” bus pull to raise funds for Special Olympics.

Aloha Hump Day,

The Baldwins


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