Hump smell

blooming kahili ginger Kona Hawaiikahili ginger Kona big island Hawaii  You have heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand words…great, but can you make it smell? No! but we can try, because our sense of sight triggers our other senses in our minds. 
    These images are of our flowering Kahili ginger. Kahili is translated, as a Royal standard; a large pole with a bouquet of yellow and red bird feathers that resembled the ginger in full bloom, carried by the Royal Hawaiian guards.

    This ginger got here from the Himalayas but no one knows how or when? Odd because it’s obviously a part of ancient Hawaiian customs and history. Yet it is considered an invasive species.
     It blooms in a day or two and with a very delicate scent that is extremely pleasing to my nose, lasting only another day, it is  often used as a special occasion lei (flower necklace). My Mom’s favorite.
Happy Hump Day,
The Baldwins

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