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One of the best kept secrets on the Big Island is the Old Kona Airport Beach Park, commonly called Old A’s. It is just on the north side of Kailua bay (stretching from Keiki Beach to Pawai Bay ) outside the historic Kailua-Kona Village.

    As you navigate the breathtaking coastal trail of sand and lava you are greeted with gorgeous tidepools. This is the only easy access area for Elvis to do his aqua therapy and a fun spot for Keiki (kids) to play.

A pot holed beat up old abandoned asphalt runway, separates the beach from an eclectic community garden. At every turn your eyes are greeted with colors on the windy paved Maka’eo Walking path that wiggles around the patch work like gardens tended to and donated by different local groups, including The Rotary Club of Kona .
You may not think of blooming cacti when visiting Hawaii but we have outstanding examples of the spiky plants. And cats and mongoose too, Elvis loves to sniff sniff sniff his nose off.

This hump day is dedicated to Fred Stein of Fresno, one of our first Hump fans who wrote me every single week to encourage and critique the “Hump day” story. (We now have 1,194 followers.) Thank you for your support, you are sorely missed Sir.

R.I.P. Fred Stein (1928 -2019)


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