Hump Day photo – 95th of 100

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Presidential Hump

I received the gig to photograph our past President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn for a day (1989) while visiting at the Hyatt Regency Waikoloa, which is now the Waikoloa Hilton. I was working at my first photography job onsite for Kona Photo Arts shooting guest swimming with the dolphins.
They swam with the dolphins at the beautiful Hyatt lagoon. I asked for a picture together and had a waiter shoot us on my last frame.
Our one hour photo lab, remember those? Was hidden down in the tunnels below the hotel. I had about 7 rolls of film to develop and print.
Just about the time I was done there was a loud official KNOCK on the lab door. It was two men in dark glasses without smiles dressed in the worst Hawaiian shirts (Aloha shirt is correct) you have ever seen. “United States Secrete Service, hand over ALL the prints and negatives now…please”.
I was shaking like a bad girl in church; I was scared for no apparent reason, having grown up in the 70’s I guess. So I handed them over wishing I made copies.”No more prints they asked?” Na na No Sir, Sirs No.
Later I remembered I had left the last roll in the camera. Whoops.
My father was horrified I was wearing a tank top with the president. R.I.P. Pops.

Enjoy your Hump day

The Baldwins

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