Howling Hump Day

moon hump wm-0001.jpg

50 years ago we all looked up to the skyin awe as the 3 men in a beer can were flying to the moonat 25,000 miles an hour into an unknown universe.
At the same time our dog Gunther was up on the roof of our house barking at the lone passer by. Yes he was famous in our cul-de-sac for learning to jump and climb his way up to the roof to hang out “over” the front door. He had a bone and half a blanket up there at one time.
After awhile word got out and an unwanted slow moving parade started up including a man in a black car who stopped and walked up the driveway very official, he stood way back after knocking saying no deliveries until the dog was gone.
He was FBI, you see Oldie (Pops) was a federal FHA Real Estate appraiser and received jobs by Federal courier to the front door. Apparently they didn’t like dogs.

Happy Old Dog Day Hump

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