Holiday Hump Day

   Probably, no certainly, the worst shoot in my Photography career was and will always be photographing Santa Claus and kids. Back in the old days when I was begging to work for free, I got tasked with the Santa gig at the local mall.
So an hour before start time, no procrastination, I’m standing in line at Longs Drugswith an arm full of film boxes and AA batteries. I had not noticed a 4 year old boy and his mom had come up behind me.
Kula the cashier asks what I was up to with all that film? Without hesitation I proudly state “I’m going to shoot Santa Claus” at which time the boy screams at the top of his lungs “NOOOOO….Mommy noooo…nooo! Mommy he’s going to kill my Santa.
Nothing funny about frightening a child in a crowded store at Christmas, but after a very long silence his Mom busts out in a belly laugh and the store followed in laughter as White Christmas played above.
I have never again booked a Santa shoot.

Happy Holidays,
The Baldwins

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