Healing Hump

elvis in action-6.jpgWhile you read this, our Elvis will be stoned beyond Woodstock, while going through surgery for a new ACL (knee),his second by Dr. Jacob Head and staff. No Elvis Presley did not sing at Woodstock, don’t be silly, he sang in Honolulu.
Like his pro athlete counter parts Elvis will be having titanium plates screwed into his bones for strength and silicon bands will replace his tendons and ligaments for flexibility stamina.
We will be camping out together downstairs on his loft (best forest view), so he doesn’t have to be carried up to the master. No crate or cones for Elvis. Yea yea we know, so what? It’s dog love.
Like before, alarm for meds, alarm to check, alarm to go pee “did he pee? try again” carry him outside again and back out down the stairs. “poop?” NO! “maybe tomorrow”. So it goes for weeks.
We have installed an Elvis (Baby) monitor so we can catch him licking his stitches. Dog love is real you can bank on it.
So, with the right recovery time and effort, he should run and swim again in 8 weeks. Please cross your tails and paws.
Thank you for caring and being a part of his life.
Hopefully Healing Hump

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