Hanging Hump

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This hump shot was taken at dawn on top of Haleakala on Maui. The assignment one shot pre- flight (as shown), second shot, head on in flight, third shot landing. Simple.
It was freezing cold and I wasn’t prepared for it, they gave me a jumpsuit and told me to hurry.
Oh did I mention this was film days? Yep I stashed 7 rolls of Fuji Chrome in my front pocket and off we went from 10,023 feet.
The “head on” shot was scary as hell, zooming right at each other making huge turns trying to end up at the same place at the same time and the right light until I can say “ I got it” or we run out of sky as they say. I never got a good shot, too hard to focus head on.
I had to change rolls in mid flight, which in itself was a big deal, but soon we would be landing so I had to hurry down to get the third shot of our VIP landing amongst bikinis and Mai Tais.
We belly skidded onto Wailea beach making an almost perfect landing except for the seven rolls of film (cans) that were riding under my belt (SCREEM OUCH!!!) on impact.
Seeing spots, dizzy, out of breath, unable to speak I reached my arm out from under the hang gliders wing with the camera totally covered in sand. Without seeing anything I pressed the big button….click click click as the VIP and his glider skidded past us, right on target. Great hang gliders, lucky photographer – got it, just can’t show him, he is a VIP.

Enjoy your Hump day

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