Halloween Hump


So, Halloween is quickly overtaking Christmas as Americas #1 holiday. This would upset and please my father “Oldie”. Pleased because of his love for dressing up as a clown and saddened because of his Catholic beliefs.
As kids growing up in the 50’s & 60’s my father would escort his 4 boys “trick or treating” with him dressed in his professional rodeo clown costume.
We were a big hit when we hit the doors, we were covered in a cut sheet to look like a ghost, charcoaled faces to look like bums with a fig branch with a nap sack or a face mask.
Oldie had the largest pair of 501 button down Levi’s made, size 50 x 50 held up by elastic suspenders. He only hit the scales at 160 but looked like 300 lbs. with 5 pillows stuffed under his shirt.
He wore a red fringed skull cap with collapsing black top hat. His face would be painted white by thick grease paint with red dots as cheeks and yes a red ball glued to his nose.
He had an endless silk scarf, a water squirting flower pinned on his striped vest with a French horn at his waist that he would honk as he shook your hand or somewhere else.
Around his neck was a huge fake gold chain holding an empty cocktail glass waiting to be filled with ice and libations for his treat.
My father took his rodeo uniform very seriously, we weren’t allowed to mess with it until we hit the appropriate age. 2012 was his last appearance at Poly Royal Rodeo his Alma mater, Cal Poly University.
Now it’s Elvis’s time to shine and he will be coming out to entertain you at a resort lobby soon.
Hope you enjoyed our Hump Day Story!

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