Hairy Hump Day

elvis from kona hawaii-0001.jpg


Elvis needs blue suede shoes for his hairy paws. His pads are usually covered in rough callouses and short nails from the wear and tear on his long hikes. Not now, oh no, now he has “old man hairy nose” looking paws.
His paw fur is so long he can’t get a grip to stand on our Koa wood floors. It hysterical but not funny of course when he looks like a drunk Olympic figure skater on ice.
Our beautiful shiny hardwood usually is covered in Elvis dog hairs, not now, it’s Rubbermaid shelf liners from end to end so he doesn’t slip and hurt his 2 bionic legs.
Elvis is enjoying his 5-minute walks in-between rainstorms on the farm. He is taking it slower than he wants, slipping in a little dual legged push and vaults as he hits the handicap ramps at home. Oh! does he want to run.
Thank you for limping along with us.


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