Golf Wedding Hump Day

    Whether it be a church, resort, beach or park, I pride myself on dressing well for my client’s weddings.
Always pressed slacks, Aloha shirt (Hawaiian shirt as it’s called in the mainland) and shined shoes, never ever ever in slippahs (Flip Flops). Who wants to see a wedding photographer’s toes?
    So, one day, way back before my wife Birgit joined the team (the organizer of all things),
I was on my way to the The Fairmont Orchid in Hawaii to do a big wedding with the late great wedding coordinator Haunani Dudoit-Kary. We were starting on the beach, then on to the ballroom for the reception.
Well as luck would have it, I discovered I had forgotten my dress shoes when I was almost passing the last possible shoe store: Costco. I go running into the store straight to the clothes area only to find sports shoes and worst only white golf shoes in my size. Done, out the door flying down the highway. With black slacks and bright white shoes in hand, I ran in the back way to the beach location in plenty of time.
    The wedding went off perfectly with only a few odd looks. Then off to the reception through the lobby, the marble floor lobby, my secret was out, the golf shoes cleats slipped and slid and made a nasty nasty noise no one could ignore.
    Well we all had a good laugh and I received flourishing compliments from the boss Haunani – sure do miss her.
Now I always have spare shoes, pants and shirt in the car. No golf shoes allowed.
                            Happy Hump Day!


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