Freddie’s – Throwback Hump Day Story

      So, here’s the urban legend of Aloha Freddie, our ambassador of Kona. He was the son of a famous TV star from the 60s Fred MacMurry of “MY Three Sons” or so I was told, He didn’t deny or confirm it, with his signature grin. I shared his story with every visitor I met.
He was a rare sight for sure, He had sky-blue eyes that were surrounded by sun weathered skin and a 2-foot beard and long hair that kind of all mixed together in a dreadlock.
If he knew you, you would be greeted with a wink and smile as he moved on.
Repeat visitors to the Kona Inn listening to Bosco the One Man Band or coffee at Huggo’s felt slighted if they missed seeing him hanging around.
If asked, he wasn’t homeless, just preferred to sleep under the stars out of judgmental eyes. He wasn’t a fan of water and loved his smokes.
He got meals here and there, he was a picky eater but never begged, shy to most but was fond of the young coffee ladies, whom helped him out here and there from the Island Lava Java coffee shop. All benefited greatly from his kindness and intellect, Freddie was well read and a USA veteran.  At 82 he was old and feeble but left us way too soon, he still had much to share here in Kona.

But some Punks beat him for the fun of it and left him to die. The Kona Hospital kept him going for a couple weeks, he was surrounded by young nurses and left us on June 22nd with a smile and a twinkle in his eye.
His family was found and flew out for a beach memorial service including military Taps.
Not one is remotly related to the TV star Fred MacMurry. Our Kona urban legend’s name is Freddie Eugene Cranson.
So so sorry, I’ll miss seeing you Freddie.
Have a Heavenly Hump Day

Freddie’s photos by Lindsey Brunsman

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