Ficus tree – Hump Day

What happens when you plant a house plant in Hawaii? Like the theme of the movie Jurassic Park, (which was filmed in Hawaii), the unknown happens.
These pics are of a 30” potted house plant a ficus (also known as ficus benjamina, weeping fig, benjamin fig or simple ficus tree) that was planted on the farm in Honalo 37 years ago.
The same ficus you see in homes & banks around the world. It now covers ½ an acre of coffee and avocados which need the sun not the shade.
It stands 80-100 feet high, you can sit on the lanai and watch it grow 3-6 inches a day.
It is providing housing for dozens of birds including on occasion a large peacock freshly chased by our dog Elvis.
The birds are in heaven – the farm not so much. Very hard to photograph giving it size. Many different camera lenses were used to help tell the story.

Happy Aloha Hump Day


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