Father’s Day Hump

   It’s a Father’s Day Hump for all the Fathers here and above. It’s been almost 5 years and still I miss ours every day.
He didn’t like his four sons being called kids; he would say “goats have kids”. We had a nick name for our Dad – it was Oldie. He didn’t care for it much, but he wore it like a badge of honor because his son (#4) gave it to him.
Oldie taught all of us how to tell a good story, he could hold a room with his gift of gab. He was a good example of being a good friend and how to throw a great party for them.
We shared a love of country, animals, fishing, photography, cooking, laughter lots of laughter, family and dirty jokes.
He loved Hawaii and even in his mid 80’s he would show up in a bright red Ford Mustang convertible to circle the Big Island once again with Mom riding copilot.
So Happy Father’s Day Oldie, enjoy the ride. Aloha from the Big Island.

Happy Hump Fathers

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