Throwback Hump Day – Elvis is in the building

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Elvis is in the building

When Elvis first came home from the Kona Humane Society  we didn’t know if he was an outdoor or an indoor dog.
So we bought a big cage, built a doghouse and gave him a “hand me down” dog bed. As you can see he apparently wasn’t impressed at all and howled “return to sender” until we “re-rescued” him.
Elvis was quickly upgraded to King of the house, a carpet dog. He loves to be let out the back screen door as often as possible so he can come right back in and do an encore, we have yet to build him/us a doggie door. There is nothing like being greeted by Elvis, over and over again – it never gets old.
The King has a treadmill and a couch with his favorite blue suede blanket to nap on.
We can’t imagine a life without him.
“It’s good to be Elvis”.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Hump Day story.

The Baldwins

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