Children with Canons!

Children with Canons.

I absolutely love putting a huge expensive Canon camera in the hands of a child. Yes, they all know how to use an iPhone and are trained in the “smile for the camera pose” from the first time they open their eyes in the crib. This gives them power over the Portrait Photographer (“Me” – Uncle Beach) and when they want to turn it OFF they can in an instant. Which can stop all our fun.
So, if I get a child whom has had enough of “Uncle Beach” or doesn’t want to smile or even stand with the family for the shot, I jump into action and put the Big Cool Canon Camera & a 70-200mm f/2.8 Zoom in their little hands. I throw the camera on machine gun mode so it fires off 10 shots a second and coach their nervous parents into smiling for the camera. Giving me expressions I could never get, parents love to put on a goofy pose for their children.
When they hit that shutter, they light up like a Christmas tree and I grab the shot of the young photographer. Priceless smiles and thrilled parents.

Aloha Hump Day!



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