Chameleon Hump Day

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These photos are of a horned male Jackson chameleon who waddled up the lanai to hang for a year. We named him Boy George and fed him crickets daily, which we bought in bulk until their noise became unsleepable. His eyes rotated 180 degrees, one looked north while the other looked south so he can see who is coming from behind, he moves very slowly but if you’re a bug watch out his tongue is faster than a Maserati.
Depending on his mood, unlike us, he can change his skin color at will, to blend in or stand out, wild colors & patterns for his camouflage and female company. He liked to hang his body by just one hand or by his coiled tail.
Then one day Rosy arrived, a beautiful exotic dark green female that he shared his crickets with, then she stole his heart and off they ran together – very very slowly.

Hope you enjoyed our Hump Story.
The Baldwins


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