Card Hump

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The best of the best is the best. That’s what they say about our last Holiday card. So how did we do it? Obviously high-end cameras and lots of the computer time. Mostly and most importantly was tolerance or patience, in great abundance, especially by the other 2/3rds of our crew.

    We headed to a secluded beach, packing in photo equipment and a wooden stool with Elvis in the lead. A sight to see I’m sure. Then again and again in our driveway to get the light and angles just right. “It’s a photographer thing?” Then back to the beach to fix one more subject, then back to the computer. All this before the list, that’s when serious editing happens.
So, after many edits and conversations the holidays were ready for our new card.
An unbelievable positive outpour of love flooded us and Elvis and we thank you all.
The Baldwins


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