Bullet Hump Day

So, let me be honest, when I go out to eat in Kona I expect good service, good food and good conversation. Yes, I do want the chef to “kill it”. But nothing special, nothing too fancy, just tasty and satisfying. It’s more about the people and “Talk Story” which is island talk for “Shooting the Breeze”.
Fresh fish on the menu in Hawai’i should mean it was swimming yesterday, on my plate today. Not fresh frozen, not imported or shipped, I like mine caught by local fishermen not floating factories.
Back in the day Pops and I used to go out fishing with some of the best, Black Bart, No problem, Cheers, Hula Girl and the Fair Wind.
A.J. Friend was his favorite Captain and caught Pops his first of many marlins over several years. We caught some, lost some and always had a good time. But never in all those days did a captain or deckhand have to shoot a fish with a gun.While at a lunch meeting, my guest was in the middle of a great big story that couldn’t and definitely shouldn’t have been interrupted, it was that good.
So, imagine my surprise when I bite into a piece of fish and suddenly found a large non-fish like object in my mouth headed for my tummy.
Mom taught us good table manners and to be polite, but I really wanted to upchuck whatever was in my mouth.
I finally put my hands up in a “time out” signal, then dumped a hitman’s 9mm slug (bullet) into my hands.
We were all amazed and have another big story to share. Never happened before and hopefully never again.
We all agreed the kitchen crew could never have known it was there. So, no worries, order the fresh fish.
                                                       Hope you enjoyed Da hump.
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