Bug Hump

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Bug Hump.

A scientist at U.H Hawaii has confirmed the discovery of a new rare insect uncovered on the slopes of the Kilauea volcano on the Big island of Hawaii.
The discovery was not announced to avoid possible panic at the islands world-class resorts during spring break but public safety comes first.
According to the U.H head scientist B.S Coming, Hawaii’s giant winged cockroach (747) and Hawaii’s gigantic centipede have mutated at the time of incubation.
It’s believed one of the insects laid eggs on top of the others eggs. The heated chemicals in the steam incubated the eggs; they then became one embryo. Scientist were alerted by helicopter pilots that witnessed seeing them smash into their windows.
Scientist uncovered additional egg clusters from the volcano,with 1,000 or more eggs per nest.
In Hawaii the giant flying cockroach grows up to 4-5” long, the gigantic centipedes can reach 12” long or more.
Cockroaches can fly a mile at a time with an incredible appetite. The gigantic centipede can deliver multiple bites that sometimes is paralyzing to humans. “We now are home to a giant flying foot long centipede”, said professor B.S.Coming.
We have one insect now laying its spring eggs in a secured U.H laboratory; they are unsexed and mate with themselves,making this top priority to the health and visitor industry.
It is unknown how many have already hatched and are now flying around Hawaii laying new eggs.
B.S Cuming worried people will think it is science fiction, naming the insect #4115 or The April fools bug.

Ha Ha Ha, Hope you enjoyed #100 Hump day.

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