Bug Hump


    Ya I know, it’s hard to believe I’ve never been knocked out. Yes, I’ve had a few concussions and been kicked in the head a few times (karate). Grew up with 3 brothers, but never knocked out. Rang my bell, but not out.
That was until yesterday; I woke up in the tall grass with a ringing in my ears and a bloody taste in my mouth. Dazed and confused is a real thing, I guarantee it.
I’ve known ton of people and driven a million Hawaiian miles, but none have made me MAD enough to hit myself. So how on this day did I let this happen?
You know those dog leashes that have 16 ft of clothesline rolled into a heavy hard plastic handle? Yep we had one, we were warned about tangling, rope burns and finger breaks. But I wasn’t ready for what was about to happen to me.
I’m walking Elvis on the farm. It’s hot, humid, and buggy. He’s sniffing out mongoose zipping from one coffee tree to the next, then……BAMM!
Like in a cartoon, legs up head down. Dazed confused and seeing stars from hitting myself up against the head with the plastic handle while trying to smash the mosquito buzzing in my ear. Knocked myself out cold. No mosquitos were harmed.

Wishing you a Happy Hump Day!


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