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Aloha Hump Day,

These hump shots were taken at the Lekeleke burial grounds. Some of these ocean boulders are 5 feet across, with mysterious pukas (holes) and patterns from 100s of years of marine life calling them home under the water. They all arrived in 1946 in a deadly tsunami (tidal wave).
We have all seen the videos of tsunamis crashing into cities and villages. We see cars, houses and people being swept away in the water but we don’t see what’s inside the wave itself. These boulders were violently sucked off the ocean floor and delivered to the shore all at once.
The one ton boulders could have been from a great ancient Hawaiian wall from former times, taken back to the sea by anonther historic tsunami only to be retuned 100s of years later destroying everything in its path. Kind of karmic.

Hope you enjoyed your hump shots.


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