Anniversary Hump Day

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Aloha Hump Day,

Well the lady at the U.S. immigration office was sweet when she said with a wink “you better get photos”. She said it had to “look real” that many couples have tried to trick the United States immigration office.

Birgit, my soon to be bride is landing in 3 hours from Austria. Time to scrub, vacuum, get flowers, wine, sunscreen, bug stuff and buy a hula skirt at Hilo Hattie’s on the way to the airport.
So here it is 7 years ago 2007, I’m in a rush standing naked at the Kona airport parking lot when I realize “L” is for Long not Large. “It’s not going to cover my butt’; so much for going down on one knee at Gate 87.
I bought flower leis from an old lei maker and asked her to snap a pic when she stopped laughing for our upcoming immigration interview. The airport was full, thank God it was before the digital tsunami & Facebook.
Who but a fool in love would do such a thing? The interviewer never asked for photos.
Happy anniversary Hump Day,


The Baldwins

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