Aging Hump Day

elvis-7.jpg    When did it happen? I mean we do the same things together day after day every day for the past 9 years and I didn’t notice it. Even with thousands of photos I didn’t see it.
I didn’t notice my shadow missing at the bathroom or when the sun lit up the grey on his snout?
As I type this, he rolls on his back and hangs there, legs spread waiting for me to scratch his tummy, as if to say, “Boy I’ve got it good” and then he starts snoring before his head hits his pillow.
Awhile back we were the same age, then he passed me and kept going. I know it’s over sentimental but I wish I could catch up with him so we could be old together. So, God if you are listening, I’m not so happy with age.
Now like a pup he is at my side, tail wagging telling me with those eyes he is ready to go chase mongoose. Here we go again.
Happy Hump Day!


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